Liberti’boat offer you a fleet of motor boats, which can take 6 persons each one,

Usable without boat license.

They’re equipped with a 6 HP motor, bicylinder, 4 stroke (very silent) with a distance command remote.

Measuring 4.5 meters they are unsinkable and they have all of the comfort (a boat cover, a central console for navigation, a rigid steel ladder and chests).

We can also lend you ice box and snorkeling equipment (to inform during the reservation).


Snorkeling equipment (ask when booking)

Boats are equipped with GPS and a help navigation book to enable you to move easily between islands. So you can discover in freedom the lagoon.

They are also equipped with propeller’s protection for your security and also for the marine mammal: the manatee (they are reintroduce).

Latest news

GPS navigation

All boats are now equipped with a GPS. It contains directions between points of view, allowing you to sail without worrying about shoals.

Propellant protection

We added propeller’s protection to all engines, for your own security as well as for marine life and… the engine itself. It enhance security while keeping engine power.

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